18 Churches Planted by 2010 SOC Graduate

SOC Vice-President Brian Larsen (Left), Pastor Antonio Balmacedo and wife (Center), and SOC Worker/Translator Maxi Mitano.


My name is Antonio Balmaceda, and I am a missionary/pastor along with my wife, working in Posadas, Misiones, Argentina.

In 2010, I found myself without the strength to continue in the ministry, and was at the point of choosing to leave the ministry entirely. During that difficult time in my life, I met a pastor from Bolivia who told me about the School of Christ and how it changed his life, so I contacted the SOC Director, Brian Larsen, over Argentina. I applied immediately to be a part at the School that was beginning in February 2010, and I was accepted.

To me, every prayer meeting and every lesson was unique. A change and transformation took place inside of me that, after some time, was manifested outwardly.

After I finished the School of Christ, God took me to different places in South America, and everywhere I went, if I had an opportunity to preach the Word of God, I would use the lessons from the School of Christ manual.

Since I graduated, and until today, I have planted 18 churches. I am also in charge of supervising 7 of those churches, as well as a prayer site on a hill overlooking the Parana River. God is helping me to train brothers who feel the call of God to be a pastor or worker. On April 30, 2018, I started a SOC night video School. The classes are filled with pastors and leaders from local churches in my area.  I am teaching, preparing, and establishing them with the basics, and focusing on the restoration of Pentecost and revival.

I am thankful to God for the School of Christ! Pray for the pastors and workers in Argentina and South America.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Antonio Balmaceda


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