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Pr. Robert Turnage

Mission Message (February 2021)

By Robert Turnage | February 1, 2021

On April 27, 2020 the School of Christ International expanded its outreach ministry to the world. It was  several years in development, but it was ready in God’s perfect timing. We, in the office of this ministry, did not know that the Lord was leading our thinking and desires in preparation for this method of…

First SOC Online Graduates

By Brian Larsen | January 31, 2021

  While in Lumberton, Texas in April 2019, for a meeting with SOC president Robert Turnage, I presented the possibilities of an Online School of Christ. As we talked, we felt that this could be an open door for this ministry, so we began to make inquiries regarding the logistics of making this a reality.…

Colombia Continues to Train Workers

By Jamie Tundeno | January 31, 2021

Sister Marina Prieto requested that we run a School of Christ School in Soledad, which is part of the metropolitan area of Barranquilla, Colombia. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by 20 students eager to learn more about the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. The series, “The Conflict,” made a tremendous impact on each student…

Pr. Robert Turnage

Mission Message (January 2021)

By Robert Turnage | January 13, 2021

Happy New Year 2021! We, the staff of the School of Christ International, wish you and yours a very Happy New Year. As we enter the few remaining days before us until Jesus comes, we are excited and encouraged by the promises He has spoken in His Word about this time. In Acts 2:17 He…

Igor Tsyupak

Russian School of Christ Continues to Train Men and Women

By Yakov Demianchuk | January 13, 2021

Even with the Covid-19 crisis that has closed down the public schools, cut domestic travel, closed restaurants and concert halls, we were able to run a complete three-week School of Christ in Karelia, Russia. With twenty-five students in attendance from different areas of Russia, we were able to study seven lessons a day. Student’s hearts…

Pastor Somchai (Left) distributing Megavoice solar audio units.

Thailand Training Continues Through Solar Audio Units

By Brenda Turnage | January 13, 2021

School of Christ International Director, David Jacobson, has been in constant contact by email with Brother Somchai our Thailand director during this time of pandemic. Brother Somchai reports that the country of Thailand has been under a curfew and lockdown since March 2020. Still, even though we were unable to conduct SOC Schools in person,…

Sign at the entrance of Gadsden Correctional Facility

Prison Ministry Update (January 2021)

By Brenda Turnage | January 13, 2021

Gadsden Correctional Facility Inside Correctional Facility Editors Note: In 2005, Founder of the School of Christ International, B. H. Clendennen, made the decision to provide the School of Christ material free to any prison or inmate that requested it. Since that time, hundreds of thousands of inmates have gone through the SOC course. They either…

Pr. Robert Turnage


By Robert Turnage | August 5, 2020

Please forgive me! Many people think these words show weakness, while others refuse to recognize there are times and situations when they are the only words that need to be spoken. Words and statements can cause and inflict tremendous hurt. Scripture says in James 3:8, “But the tongue can no man tame; it is an…


By Brian Larsen | August 5, 2020

Pastor Evanilton and Pastor Shimizu’s churches in Ota and Oizumi, Japan, joined together to form one School of Christ with twenty graduates.  This combined School was run in three one week Schools because of the work situation in Japan.  In every class, we witnessed and experienced the Lord dealing with the brothers and sisters attending…

“The Poor Heard HIM Gladly”

By Mike Chisum | August 5, 2020

The church I pastor, Victory Assembly of God in Atkins, Arkansas, is currently supporting five Romanian churches. The churches are all located in small, very poor villages. All five of the pastors that we support were participants in the School of Christ.  Upon arriving in Romania, we purchased the needed supplies and began teaching the…

The Astonishing Christ

By Robert Turnage | August 5, 2020

Though our Bible translations are not in   chronological order, from one point of view, it is of value to have the books of the Bible in the order that we have them. In the New Testament, the first books are the Gospels. In them, you have an introduction to Jesus Christ. In the Book…

School Of Christ work starting in Italy

By Keith Malcomson | August 5, 2020

In August 2019, I traveled with my wife, Candace, to the city of Turin in Italy to teach lessons from the School of Christ and introduce the School to church leaders at the  invitation of Brother Wilson, the overseer of the work in Italy.  Brother Wilson testified that he found the European School of Christ…

Day Of Prayer – November 2019

By Brenda Turnage | November 4, 2019

Join us for a Second 2019 World Wide Day of Prayer on November 23rd Churches in Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Vietnam, UAE, India, Angola Africa,  are confirmed joining us! We are asking anyone wishing to join with the SOC Staff, Directors, Field-workers, Graduates, and Students in 156 countries of the world for a…

Day of Prayer 2019

By Brenda Turnage | September 17, 2019

Join us for a 2019 World Wide Day of Prayer Churches in Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Vietnam, UAE, India, Angola Africa,  are confirmed joining us! We are asking anyone wishing to join with the SOC Staff, Directors, Field-workers, Graduates, and Students in 156 countries of the world for a Day of Prayer –…

Germany Report

By Brenda Turnage | September 17, 2019

Herford, Germany, located in the lowlands between the hill chains of the Wiehen Hills and the Teutoburg Forest, was the site of the first week of the Russian School of Christ International School. Because of the economic situation in Germany, it is impossible to run a three week School. We will run three one week…

“Overcoming the Pull of Death”

By Robert Turnage | September 10, 2019

With the exception of the Lord Jesus, the prophet Elisha worked more miracles in his lifetime than any other person. In all twelve recorded miracles of Elisha there was a common characteristic—the power of life overcame the power of death.      The ministry of Elisha proves the life that overcomes death is also the…

Mongolia Report

By Andrey Sekhin | September 3, 2019

In the remote province of Bayanhongor City, Mongolia, thirty-five students went through the  intensive training of the School of Christ International.  Most of the SOC students, from ten different regions in Mongolia, had never had any Bible School training at all. Their testimony was that when they came to the School of Christ their spiritual…


By Richard Goebel | August 5, 2019

It is our desire to let you know what God is doing in Nicaragua through this message from the School of Christ International. I am always amazed at the Men of God that come to go through the SOC. Some arrive with the mind set of distrust, not knowing exactly what to expect. They are…

Students Seeking a Move of the Holy Spirit for Russia

By Joel Pledge | July 25, 2019

In 1997, Pastor Denis and his friend Roman attended the School of Christ in Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia. God touched and changed their lives. For the last twenty years they pastored a church in Omsk, Russia. God began to stir Pastor Denis’ heart to seek for revival and renewal throughout the nation of Russia.  Pastor Denis…

“What If?”

By Robert Turnage | July 23, 2019

In many situations of life a question will be asked, “what if?” Gladly, in most of these situations, the answer to that question may not be very significant. But when it comes to more important issues it becomes a crisis situation. There is no more single important issue than the souls of   people and…

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