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Mongolia Report

In the remote province of Bayanhongor City, Mongolia, thirty-five students went through the  intensive training of the School of Christ International.  Most of the SOC students, from ten different regions in Mongolia, had never had any Bible School training at all. Their testimony was that when they came to the School of Christ their spiritual…

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Mongolian Church Preparing for Revival and Missions Outreach

God continues to impact the country of Mongolia through the School of Christ. In July we held a School to train young adults who are called into the ministry. They ranged in age from 16 to 28, and half of them were committed already to full-time ministry in the churches as pastors, missionaries, small group…

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Evangelistic Harvest Being Discipled in Mongolia

 Joel Pledge – SOC Director  Andrey Sekhin – Field-Worker   Andrey Sekhin and myself just finished our second School of Christ in the Erdenet region of Mongolia. Because of time limitations, we had a two-week School. We met every day for two hours of prayer and six hours of teaching. Most of these students were…

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Mongolian Church Experiencing Revival

 Joel Pledge – SOC Director The Mongolian Church is experiencing revival as a result of the ministry of the School of Christ! In March of 2017, Andrey Sekhin and I traveled to Mongolia to minister and graduate the School of Christ. We ministered to a group of approximately fifty students in the city of Darhan.…

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New Doors Open in Mongolia for SOC by Joel Pledge

Pastor Darkhan Mukhko listened to the School of Christ on MP3 in 2013. The Lord really touched his life and he was determined to attend a School when he could. In the spring of 2014 we held a School in the south of Mongolia. Even though Pastor Mukhko lives in the north he traveled by…

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Mongolia Report by Andrey Sekhin

After the success of our last School of Christ in April of this year, we returned to the city of Murun located in Mongolia’s northern most province to hold our second School.  Just a stone’s throw away from Siberia, we ran the School of Christ for 45 students who had come from all over Mongolia.…

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Mongolia Report by Andrey Skhin

We have just completed the third School of Christ in Mongolia.  The School was held in the central city of Huvsgol province, located in the northern most region of this nation. This “city” of 45,000 people is called Murun, and is considered to be a booming metropolis in this sparsely populated country. We were met…

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