Mongolian Church Experiencing Revival

 Joel Pledge – SOC Director

The Mongolian Church is experiencing revival as a result of the ministry of the School of Christ! In March of 2017, Andrey Sekhin and I traveled to Mongolia to minister and graduate the School of Christ. We ministered to a group of approximately fifty students in the city of Darhan. That is where we held our first School of Christ two years ago, and the believers were greatly blessed.

One of the leaders was delivered from alcoholism. Yes, you read that correctly. Alcoholism is such a great problem that it is tolerated in some of the churches, even in its leadership. So when we came preaching the truth—drunkenness is a sin and its power can be broken through Christ—it was received with great joy and not just a little skepticism. God is faithful! He does deliver men and women from the power of sin. So many lives have been changed since revival has come. God healed the church, and that released the power of God for others to be set free.

As a result of coming to the School, one pastor started a prayer group in his church. They met for prayer every day! Revival came! He sent twenty new people to this School to train them for revival. At this second School, we had a great time of seeking the Lord. The church was already experiencing revival and we just served to expand the work of God even further. Many of the pastors who attended had heard about the revival experienced through the prayer meetings, and they attended and were determined to return to their church and dedicate time to seeking the Lord in prayer. Revival is coming, not through games or gimmicks, but through the “effectual, fervent prayer” of righteous men and women.

Because of the revival in their churches, we were invited to speak at a Missions Conference in Erdenet, Mongolia. There were 150 people representing 26 churches in attendance throughout the day and nearly 300 people at night. They had heard the testimonies from across the country about the School of Christ and wanted to hear firsthand about what God was doing.

Our goal was twofold. First, we wanted to present the ministry of the School of Christ so that we might expand what we are already doing in the country of Mongolia. Each of these pastors invited us to return to present the entire School. They want the Truth. They want to reach their nation for Christ, and know that it can only come through the power of the Holy Spirit. Believe with us that God will enable us to impact this nation through these 150 people who truly are tired of the doctrines of men, and desire the Truth of God’s Word.

Secondly, we wanted to encourage the ministers to plant new churches and send missionaries throughout the region. In order to be effective we have to lay a good foundation. The church is young in Mongolia—only twenty-five years old. One of the participants in the conference was a woman who said she was one of the first 10 believers in the entire country. Today she and her husband pastor a church in the capital city. She was part of the small group that would lead to the establishing of the church in this nation.

Yet, some of that church was founded upon a foundation of the prosperity gospel. It promised wealth, health, and the good life to all its followers. The prosperity has yet to come to much of the Mongolian church, and it left everyone wandering through a wilderness of despair. When the School of Christ came to Mongolia, we came with a different message. A message of faith, prayer, and the power of the Holy Spirit, which helps us to live holy lives to glorify the Lord. Many people have rejected the false teachings of the prosperity gospel to embrace the Truth of the Word of God. Our goal was to encourage them to go and preach the gospel, and teach that Christ is the true foundation. We must reject all false teaching and our selfish pursuits in order to plant a church which will Glorify Christ. We saw God move mightily in this conference. Everyone at the Missions Conference testified that it was some of the most powerful meetings that they had ever experienced. God was calling them to Truth. Hours were spent in prayer around the altars and many were healed.

Let me once again ask for your help. God is moving in Mongolia, and if we will answer the call then we can plant churches that will glorify and honor God. Now is the time. The Spirit is moving throughout the land. Give generously so that we do not miss this opportunity that God has given to us.

Joel Pledge – SOC Director

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