Mongolia Report

In the remote province of Bayanhongor City, Mongolia, thirty-five students went through the  intensive training of the School of Christ International. 

Most of the SOC students, from ten different regions in Mongolia, had never had any Bible School training at all. Their testimony was that when they came to the School of Christ their spiritual lives were very weak.  Every day, as usual in the SOC, we had one hour of prayer in the morning and evening. They began weeping over the wrong in their lives and renewed their dedication to God. We began to see the Holy Spirit work. They learned that they must have a constant prayer life, and they discovered a true relationship with God. At the end of the School, according to their testimonies, the SOC completely changed the direction of their spiritual lives. They returned to their home towns renewed and full of the Holy Spirit. 

There is a lot of false teaching in the church of Mongolia. Ministers are promoting the prosperity message. They are teaching that you cannot lose your salvation, you are eternally saved no matter what you do. This has caused the people to have no fear of God. Ministers are blurring the boundaries between the world and Christ.  Through the SOC teachings they are returning to the path of the cross.  

At graduation each student received an SD Card with the MP3 teaching of the School of Christ. They will continue to learn as they listen to the teachings over and over.

I met with some of the former graduates of the Mongolian SOC and they are beginning to see a breakthrough in their churches. As they continue pray and seek God, their members are beginning to be filled with the Spirit of God. 

The desire and vision of B. H. Clendennen, founder of the School of Christ International, was to take the SOC teachings to every nation. Our vision is to take the SOC to every province in Mongolia and see true revival come to this country. 

I want to say huge thank you to all of the brothers and sisters who support the ministry of the School of Christ International. Together we will make the name of Jesus known throughout this earth.

Andrey Sekhin – Field-Worker

Written by – Andrey Sekhin
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