Mongolian SOC Brings Victory Amid Oppression

We traveled to the Govi Altai region of Western Mongolia for a School of Christ in May 2023. We had been in the same area nine years earlier, but now it was time to go back and work with our former students and encourage their churches.

We ministered in the birthplace of Mongolian Buddhism, and we could sense the oppression and spiritual darkness of the area from the very first day. As we preached the School of Christ, we were able to establish the victory of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit as victory was brought to many amid this oppression.

Many of our participants had firsthand experience with witchcraft and shamanism. God had saved them and brought them out of that darkness. The School of Christ teaching became essential to their learning about Christ. They were once filled with hatred and lust for power, but now they have experienced God’s love through Christ and desire His glory to be seen in them.

Every student gave testimony of the blessings of God. One person wrote, “Thank you for sharing the love of God with Mongolia. Thank you for revealing the strongholds we built and how we are not using the power the Holy Spirit has given us.” Another woman wrote, “I was healed during the School!” The testimony from all the students was that their spirits were renewed. The true Word of God was preached, and hours were spent around the Throne praying for revival and one another.

The local church network followed the School of Christ with a tent ministry outreach to the city. During the day, they had children’s activities; at night, they had church under the tent. They touched thousands of people during that week of meetings. They testified that God prepared the way for them through the School of Christ School.

Our vision for Mongolia is to preach in every province. This fall, we plan on going to the southeastern part of the country, where we have never been. Some of the School of Christ graduates received the Lord’s call to go to this spiritually barren area many years ago. They studied with us in Moron, Mongolia, in 2013 and heard the Lord call them to a new location. They left their comfortable churches for a challenge in the more difficult part of the country. If the Lord allows, we will encourage them in their labors and conduct a School of Christ.

Pray with us that we can be a blessing to them and give so that we can meet the community’s spiritual needs through the
teachings of the School of Christ.

Andrey Sekhin and I want to share a praise report with you. This year marks the 25th year of our partnership in ministry. We began working among the Chinese believers who crossed the border into Siberia in the fall of 1998. God would lead us to China, Siberian Russia, and Mongolia. Recently, we ministered together in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. So, in these twentyfive years, we have been to five nations and seen tens of thousands of people trained for the ministry. We praise the Lord for His protection, provision, and power to do whatever He asked us to do. We are two men sent from God to do His will!

Graduates from Mongolian SOC 2023