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SOC Cuba Report

In 2008, God allowed Pastor Delvis Mercado to go to Cuba with the teachings of the School of Christ. Since the first School we have continued to train and equip the Body of Christ. This has prepared  them for the work of the ministry as called by God in Ephesians 4:11-13: “ And he gave…

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Cuba Continues to Grow Despite Opposition

 SOC Director  Delvis Mercado – Field-Worker   Delvis Mercado, SOC Field-Worker, reports that Pastor Reynosa Labori, and his team, continue to work throughout Cuba expanding the message of Pentecost. In 2017, they ran the School of Christ Schools in Santiago, Baracoa, Havana, Punta de Maisi, and Moa. A total of 120 pastors and leaders have…

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Cuba SOC Graduates over 300 Students by Richard Goebel

The work of the School of Christ continues to grow in Cuba. Our Fieldworker, Pastor Reynoso, is a man who continually puts the work of SOC before his own safety. He has sacrificed all so that others may hear the Gospel and attend the School of Christ. The recent purchase of a bicycle has allowed…

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Cuba Report by Richard Goebel

There is truly a great move of God’s Spirit happening within the nation of Cuba.  Pastor Mercado writes. “The work continues to advance in the nation of Cuba. The Word of our Lord Jesus Christ is being fulfilled when he said, “and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hell…

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