The Work Of God Unstoppable In Cuba

The Cuban coordination team is doing a tremendous job of reaching across the nation of Cuba. In 2020 we graduated from the School of Christ 113 students from 7 different areas of Cuba.

The work of God here in Cuba is permanent and unstoppable. I have always believed that finding a man who has the vision of God is what is required to make that vision unstoppable. The teachings of false apostolic movements significantly affect Christ’s body here on the Island; however, we believe that God uses the "School of Christ" like eye drops to open their eyes to see the true Gospel.

The testimonies can be summarized by lives being transformed, inspired, and renewed. Only the Spirit of God can convict a man of sin and bring him to repentance.

We are going forward into areas not reached with the Gospel of Pentecost. I ask for your prayers that God will supply the needs for our work for Him on the beautiful Island of Cuba.

Pastor S. Noa