Thailand Update

After being “sidelined” in America due to COVID-19 as of March 12, 2020, I traveled back to Thailand on January 25 to reconnect with the missions we started over 25 years ago.

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Thailand Report

David Jacobson

Despite the 2020 worldwide lock-downs, the church has and still is going forth. Whether by direct action or by a reorientation, God’s work continues even today.

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Thailand Training Continues Through Solar Audio Units

Pastor Somchai (Left) distributing Megavoice solar audio units.

David Jacobson School of Christ International Director, David Jacobson, has been in constant contact by email with Brother Somchai our Thailand director during this time of pandemic. Brother Somchai reports that the country of Thailand has been under a curfew and lockdown since March 2020. Pastor Somchai (Left) distributingMegavoice solar audio units. Still, even though…

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