Thailand Training Continues Through Solar Audio Units

David Jacobson

David Jacobson

School of Christ International Director, David Jacobson, has been in constant contact by email with Brother Somchai our Thailand director during this time of pandemic. Brother Somchai reports that the country of Thailand has been under a curfew and lockdown since March 2020.

Pastor Somchai (Left) distributing Megavoice solar audio units.

Pastor Somchai (Left) distributing
Megavoice solar audio units.

Still, even though we were unable to conduct SOC Schools in person, the training of pastors, evangelists, and church planters has continued using the Megavoices.

In the September 2017 School of Christ newsletter, we introduced to our directors and supporters the Megavoice digital audio units. Working with our supplier, we are able to load the complete School of Christ lessons (which is translated into 39 languages) and the KJV Bible on each unit.

These small solar audio units, loaded with the language needed, were made and continue to be made available to our directors who distribute them to our leaders in foreign countries.

In April 2018, the School of Christ International received a request from Brother Somchai for 200 Megavoices with the SOC lessons in the Tai language, 100 Megavoices in the Karen language, and 100 Megavoices in the Burmese language. We were able to supply this request because of you our supporters.

The Megavoice digital audio units are entirely solar-powered and have been amazingly useful in this time of shutdown. The pastors and leaders taught the School of Christ through the means of the Megavoice are so very thankful. In the next few weeks Brother Somchai will conduct a complete SOC in Mae Sot, Thailand, using the solar-powered Megavoice unit
there also.

Due to a cease-fire between the Burmese and the Karen armies, Brother Somchai is able to visit 400 Karen villages. Even the secular village leaders are now open to the Gospel, and these solar players are providing the means for us to reach them for Christ.

A prayer mountain where people can come to fast, pray, and study the School of Christ is now under construction for the churches in northern Thailand to use, including various tribal groups. This complex is being paid for by Thai SOC graduates, and the School of Christ lessons will be taught there daily using the Megavoice audio units. Due to the anointing of the Holy Ghost, people have received salvation and healing which has drawn others to come and see what is happening. The SOC teaches the True Gospel and the people are coming. It is being noised abroad!!!

We are receiving many more requests for Megavoice units, to be used in areas which remain shutdown by the pandemic. This effective tool will undoubtedly continue to be requested for more and more places that go beyond the shutdown.

No one could have predicted what would take place around the world in 2020. God knew and provided the needed equipment to continue the SOC work in Thailand and Myanmar. Without your help we would not have this testimony.

The School of Christ will continue to use all methods and means to preach the Gospel. Our prayer is that you will continue to support this ministry’s work in prayer and financially. With your help, we will continue to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

David Jacobson - SOC Director