Thailand Update

After being “sidelined” in America due to COVID-19 as of March 12, 2020, I traveled back to Thailand on January 25 to reconnect with the missions we started over 25 years ago.

After three years of quarantine, returning to pray for and preach to these wonderful people was terrific. It was a strange feeling to see all the congregation wearing face masks still, but the Lord moved. I witnessed people being saved, healed, and delivered.

We were blessed to have Pastor Robin St Clair, Vice President of the School of Christ International, and Austin Lillard visit and minister here in Thailand in May. They ministered to the staff and students at the Prayer Mountain located outside the city of Mae Seraing. People come from all over to pray, hear the Word of God, and participate in the SOC training conducted there.

The village of Omkoi, about fifty miles away, came for prayer for their family members who are addicted to drugs and need to be saved. They requested that Pastor Somchai, SOC Director, Pastor St Clair, and Austin come to minister and pray for the whole village. The road and terrain leading to this village are treacherous, and poverty is a standard way of life. To our surprise, when we entered the village, we saw the beautiful church built by the people of Omkoi. It is extremely beautiful and will hold up to one thousand people. We ministered and prayed for the congregation, then went from house to house, praying and ministering to the people.

While visiting the Karen people in Omaha, Nebraska, in July 2022, I met the Pastor Pricha of the Lahu tribe. He oversees one hundred and nineteen churches. He wants us to translate the SOC material into the Lahu language. There are currently 800,000 Lahu in China, 400,000 in Burma, and 200,000 in Thailand. God has placed in my heart to reach out to all the tribes in Southeast Asia. There are over 17 different tribal groups in Southeast Asia that need to be reached. There is much work to do in the

The next School of Christ School starts in August. Keep this work in prayer. This work  could only have gone forward with the Lord and your involvement. Thank you for your prayers and generous support. God bless you.