Cuba Continues to Grow Despite Opposition

 SOC Director

 Delvis Mercado – Field-Worker


Delvis Mercado, SOC Field-Worker, reports that Pastor Reynosa Labori, and his team, continue to work throughout Cuba expanding the message of Pentecost. In 2017, they ran the School of Christ Schools in Santiago, Baracoa, Havana, Punta de Maisi, and Moa. A total of 120 pastors and leaders have graduated from the SOC from these five areas.

When Pentecost is preached the power of Holy Spirit will destroy all manifestations of the flesh. Therefore, they face many challenges from other Councils that have rejected the teaching of the School of Christ, because they consider the teaching to be very dangerous to their religious system. The Pentecostal group in Baracoa have branded Pastor Clendennen as a very radical preacher. The Council of the Pentecostal Christian Churches of Cuba circulated a letter to all its churches to prohibit their pastors and leaders from attending the training at the SOC Schools.

This year, 2018, despite all the opposition, they are going to hold Schools in three very important cities: Holguin, Punta de Maisi, and Guantanamo. These areas allow them to reach a new groups of pastors and leaders who are searching for the True Gospel. They currently have 150 pastors and leaders attending these three Schools.

We must work while the Harvest is ripe. Please continue to pray that the grace and favor of God will be with us in this great work.

Richard Goebel – SOC Director

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