Amid Witchcraft and Poverty, SOC Changes Lives in Haiti

 Richard Goebel – SOC Director

We were witness to the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of each SOC student in Veladero, Haiti. Testimonies from the 41 graduating pastors and leaders was that they were touched by each lesson. The area where we held the School is filled with witchcraft. The population has to deal with many economic shortages and there are many internal problems in the church. The graduates stated that they are committed to spreading the message that they learned at the School, because they know it is the answer to all their problems. Their lives have been changed and even their homes have been changed. To God be the glory!

Conviction was so strong that one young man named Wuesler, repented and asked the Lord for forgiveness because he was not living right. Pastor Karl said he was touched and changed by the SOC teachings, and Sister Pierre said that God spoke to her through every lesson.

Pastor Francouis said, “Thank you Lord for allowing the SOC directors to bring the School of Christ to our area. It was life changing.”

There are many open doors in other villages. Our plans are to run two more Schools in Haiti in 2018. Poverty is extreme and the workers are young, but with much prayer, supervision, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the work will continue to grow.

Jamie Tundeno – SOC Field-Worker


Part of the Graduating Class

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