School of Christ International Work in Cuba Growing Amid Challenges

I am pleased to share a detailed report on my recent trip to Cuba, where I had the opportunity to work and share the Word of God with the local churches. Your continued support through prayers and financial contributions has been instrumental in the success of this journey, and I want to express my deep gratitude for your generosity.

The primary purpose of my visit to Cuba was to provide support and encouragement to the Church amid the country’s challenging political, social, and economic situation. During the eight days I was there, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the challenges that Cuban believers face daily.

Upon my arrival in Havana, Cuba, I moved to different places within the country. I traveled more than 1100 km to Guantánamo, Baracoa, and Punta de Maisí, where other groups of Escuela de Cristo (School of Christ) students are located. I could share the Word of God that empowered the local church in every place I visited. The situation in Cuba is increasingly complex, with food and fuel shortages. However, despite these adversities, I witnessed favor and unwavering faith in the believers.

One of the highlights of my trip was the graduation of over seventy students from the School of Christ. These students received valuable ministry training that will help them grow spiritually and work within the church. Their testimonies were powerful and revealed how the School of Christ has made a significant difference in their lives and ministries.

One of the students, Brother Leonis, a worker in one of the churches in Baracoa, stepped forward to give his testimony. He began to tell how the School of Christ had affected his life. “I arrived in very poor health.  I could not bend down, sit down, or get up because of the pain. For everyone who knows me, lifting two hundred pounds is nothing in construction work, but now I was in the School of Christ with tremendous pain in my back. The discs in my spine lay on one another, and I was in pain. It was not easy to attend the classes and sit. However, every class increased my faith. One of the days during the course, I began to cry out to God with all my heart, and I felt like I could touch God for my healing. The fire came over my body, and now I am completely healed. I no longer need anyone’s help. I returned to construction work, and once again, I can lift over two hundred pounds. To God be the Glory!

We have coordinated the opening of a new school in Guantánamo, with more than forty students eager to receive training and strengthen their faith. This outstanding achievement represents an important step towards the growth and expansion of the School of Christ in the region.

I am writing to reiterate my gratitude for your continued support in this work. Your prayers and financial contributions have made this trip possible and significantly impacted the lives of believers in Cuba. Without your help, it would not be possible to bring the message of hope and faith to those who need it most.

Work in these challenging contexts requires strength, wisdom, and divine protection. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue my work in Cuba and elsewhere. May God bless you abundantly and reward you for your generosity.