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Cambodian Testimony

By Brenda Turnage | May 15, 2018

  This young woman was so violent that her village had to chain her up for over fourteen years. The Cambodian missionary workers ministered to her for three days and God completely set her free. She is now living and studying the Word of God at the new church facilities in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Cambodia Seeking True Revival

By Brenda Turnage | May 11, 2018

 David Jacobson – SOC Director The training of pastors and workers in Cambodia has been very difficult. This dark nation is slowly recovering from the genocide committed by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge soldiers during the Killing Fields era. He massacred 1.7 million of his own people from 1975 to 1979. According to Yale…

SOC Effectively Reaching the World for Christ

By Brenda Turnage | May 1, 2018

 Robert Turnage SOC Directors and Workers: Brian Larsen, Steve Manville, Donal Chance, David Jacobson, Pete Spackman, Lawrence Register, Somchai, Aubry Tyler, Emmett Gagnard, Robert Turnage, Curtis McGehee, Marty Hardin, Joel Pledge, Lee Shipp, Ron Sutton, Richard Goebel, and guest Christopher Weise with DBS.   Pictured are directors and workers of the School of Christ International…

SOC Students in Mexico Full of Enthusiasm for God

By Brenda Turnage | April 27, 2018

Delvis Mercado – SOC Field-Worker Greetings from your brothers in Mexico: Our team of workers have been working in Mexico for the past two years in three states: Mexico City, Guerrero, and Colima. During this time we have graduated a total of 96 pastors. Pastor Clendennen once said that, “If we do not harvest the…

SOC Moving Forward in Columbia

By Brenda Turnage | April 25, 2018

 Richard Goebel – SOC Director God bless you and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you. The work of the School of Christ is growing in Columbia. In 2017 we were able to run ten School of Christ Schools in seven different regions of the country. In the indigenous Cauca Region…

April Mission Message

By Brenda Turnage | April 23, 2018

 Robert Turnage I have had the privileged of being a part of the School of Christ International from the very beginning. Pastor B. H. Clendennen initiated what would, and now has become, one of the greatest missionary works in world history. The phenomenal blessings of God continues to defy description. One evidence of the soon…

First SOC Begins in United Arab Emirates

By Brenda Turnage | April 23, 2018

 Field Director – Fernando Reyes My only thought was the opening of the 1st School of Christ class in Dubai, UAE, but the Lord had a better plan. After only four days into the Dubai School, ministers contacted me requesting that the SOC be run in the states of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. All three…

Bangladesh Graduates Second School Among the hill Country Tribes

By Brenda Turnage | March 20, 2018

 David Jacobson – SOC Director   Daren Downs – SOC Director   Daren Downs and myself just returned from graduating the second School of Christ class in Bangladesh among the tribe leaders in the Hill Country. There  are 77 different tribes in the nation of Bangladesh, and leaders from 9 tribes have attended the School…

Cuba Continues to Grow Despite Opposition

By Brenda Turnage | March 15, 2018

 SOC Director  Delvis Mercado – Field-Worker   Delvis Mercado, SOC Field-Worker, reports that Pastor Reynosa Labori, and his team, continue to work throughout Cuba expanding the message of Pentecost. In 2017, they ran the School of Christ Schools in Santiago, Baracoa, Havana, Punta de Maisi, and Moa. A total of 120 pastors and leaders have…

Amid Witchcraft and Poverty, SOC Changes Lives in Haiti

By Brenda Turnage | March 10, 2018

 Richard Goebel – SOC Director We were witness to the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of each SOC student in Veladero, Haiti. Testimonies from the 41 graduating pastors and leaders was that they were touched by each lesson. The area where we held the School is filled with witchcraft. The population has…

March Mission Message – Robert Turnage

By Brenda Turnage | March 1, 2018

 Robert Turnage – SOC President People who know God and how to pray, are the hope of this generation. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by events and circumstances, and we take these events as a call to intercessory prayer. God has faithfully given us, in His Word, how His people responded to days such as we…

God Dealt With Many Issues of the Heart in the Ireland SOC

By Brenda Turnage | February 20, 2018

We began a three-week School of Christ in Limerick, Ireland, with eighteen full-time students from eight different nations including England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Taiwan, America, Canada, and Nigeria. There were ten local students that were able to attend part-time. At the end of the third day, one of the students wrote the following: “We have…

SOC Continues to Train Pastors & Workers in the Philippines

By Brenda Turnage | February 15, 2018

    The School of Christ International is a great blessing from the Lord to us here in the Philippines. It is a ministry where sound doctrine is preached. We are living in a confused world where men do not know what is right or wrong, and preachers are preaching a false gospel. But, the…

Mission Message

By Brenda Turnage | February 10, 2018

 Robert Turnage – SOC President In 1990, Pastor Clendennen preached a series of messages that he later printed in book form, entitled “Restoring the Message of Pentecost.” I have recently revisited these messages and book. Here, almost twenty-eight years later, it exploded in my heart and spirit the significance and urgency of the truth of…

Monclova, Mexico Report

By Brenda Turnage | February 5, 2018

      The first School of Christ that was held in Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico, was blessed and anointed by the Lord. The six graduating students were very dedicated to the purpose of learning and growing in Christ. The Holy Spirit would fall over each of them, and it was a blessing to watch the…

SOC Equips, Encourages, Instructs, and Traines Workers in Kyrgyzstan

By Brenda Turnage | January 25, 2018

(For security purposes we have not included pictures and names in this article) In November, the a team of Christian Brothers, in cooperation with the local church, held a three-week School of Christ in Kyrgyzstan. We had 15 pastors and missionaries that attended the School full-time. We were asked by the church to run the…

SOC Interrupted by Weeping and Crying Out for Revival

By Brenda Turnage | January 20, 2018

  Joel Pledge – Director God is moving by His Spirit in Mongolia! We just returned from a School of Christ in the city of Erdenet, Mongolia, where we had 65 students in attendance. This School began with intense prayer, worship, and the study of God’s Word. Andrey and I had preached a Missions Conference…

Mission Message – Robert Turnage

By Brenda Turnage | January 19, 2018

  Robert Turnage – SOC President   With all that is taking place in the Middle East, I want to share with you an excerpt from Pastor Clendennen’s book, “Three Key Prophecies of the End-Time,” written in 60’s. “For all practical purposes, the world is moving into the time of Jacob’s trouble or Daniel’s missing…

December Mission Message – Robert Turnage – President

By Brenda Turnage | December 29, 2017

We were blessed to have former School of Christ students Andrey and his wife Lyudmyla Syrisko, and Stepan Volenk come to the Beaumont office of the School of Christ to meet with Pastor/President Robert Turnage regarding the work of SOC in the Ukraine and surrounding countries. Andrey and his wife now live in Seattle, Washington,…

SOC continues to Change Lives at Angola State Penitentiary

By Brenda Turnage | December 25, 2017

The Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola is a maximum-security prison farm. It is operated by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections. It is the largest maximum-security prison in the United States with 6,300 prisoners and 1,800 staff, including corrections officers, janitors, maintenance, and wardens. It is located on an 18,000-acre property that was…

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