Open Door in Cambodia Prisons

The first time the Lord brought me to Cambodia was in 2011. Before this time, I had served with the School of Christ in China for many years, where several thousand Chinese pastors, leaders, and other ministers have been trained in the School of Christ. Brother Clendennen always taught us to be led by the Holy Spirit, so I followed the Holy Spirit to Cambodia.

We preached the Gospel with Cambodian missionaries in complex, poor, and remote regions of Cambodia, usually where other missionaries would not go. I also trained local pastors, missionaries, and leaders in the teachings of the School of Christ.

One day, something incredible happened. The Lord introduced me to an officer who worked in the Cambodian prisons. I preached the Gospel to him and told him my testimony of how God saved me in prison when I was twenty-one years old. I was already in prison for the third time, but God changed my life in one night. My testimony deeply touched the officer. He said that he had seen pastors come to the prison and minister, but he had never seen an ex-convict return to the prison to minister. He invited me to the prison where he worked to share my testimony with the convicts.

My first visit was to see if any prisoners would come to hear the Gospel preached. About fifty prisoners and prison administration staff went to the meeting. They listened carefully to my testimony and the Gospel, and the Holy Spirit worked in their hearts; many repented. The service so moved the prison workers that they asked me to come back the next day, and they would have two hundred prisoners there to hear the Gospel. Then, they brought another two hundred inmates
to another service. There was an extraordinary presence of the Holy Spirit during each of these services. The officers said that the whole prison should hear my testimony of repentance. I ministered the Gospel to fifteen hundred prisoners. A lot of them prayed the prayer of repentance. The Chief Commander of all the prisons in Cambodia came and listened to my testimony and message. In the end, he invited me to minister in all twenty-eight prisons in Cambodia. What a great miracle from God!

Since then, I have continued bringing the Gospel of Jesus to the prisons in Cambodia. In February 2023, I preached in three different prisons, where about fourteen hundred inmates heard the Gospel. Then, in December 2023, I preached in two other prisons where one hundred precent of the prisoners, about fifteen hundred, came to hear my testimony of God’s great power to change people.

Praise God for His love and the miracle of the opened doors to the Cambodian prisons, where I could take the Gospel to the lost people. Brother Clendennen would be very pleased with this ministry, because I am a fruit of the School of Christ International. Through the ministry of Brother Clendennen, God has brought me to a new level of ministry to preach the School of Christ and the Gospel in China, Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar, and Iran.

I was also able to preach the Gospel in two remote and poor areas in between my ministering in the prisons. About five hundred adults and four hundred children heard the Gospel for the first time. Many accepted Christ.

Thank God for opening doors to preach the Gospel. We must hurry in our work for the Lord because these doors could close at any time. Jesus taught us to preach the Gospel to the ends of the Earth and make disciples; the School of Christ is a good tool for this purpose.
Thank you so much to all the co-laborers who support the ministry of the School of Christ