Annual Russian SOC Youth Camp

Yakov Demianchuk, Director of the School of Christ in Russia reports that the Annual School of Christ Youth Camp has just finished in Karelia, Russia.

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Russian Students Seeking True Gospel

Yakov Demianchuk

We were able to conduct a one-week SOC School in Karelia, Russia, in March of this year. We fed and housed thirty full-time students, but the night sessions were open to anyone wishing to attend.

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Russian School of Christ Continues to Train Men and Women

Igor Tsyupak

Yakov Demianchuk Even with the Covid-19 crisis that has closed down the public schools, cut domestic travel, closed restaurants and concert halls, we were able to run a complete three-week School of Christ in Karelia, Russia. With twenty-five students in attendance from different areas of Russia, we were able to study seven lessons a day.…

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SOC Trains Pastors and Missionaries in Karelia, Russia

School of Christ Students in Karelia, Russia   We have just finished the School of Christ in Karelia, Russia that started in February and ran through March, 2018. The 25 students were made up of pastors and missionaries from different regions of Russia. We were joined by former graduates of the School of Christ on…

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Russia Report by Yakov Demyanchuk

This week held a School of Christ for young people. We had 127 students in attendance. Last night in the service there was a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. For hours there was singing, praying, and tears of repentance. It was after midnight when the students returned to their cabins to sleep. Praise the…

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Russia Report by Yakov Demianchuk

We had a wonderful School of Christ in Ivangorod, Russia at our church with students coming from Karelia, St. Petersburg, and States. The lessons of the School of Christ were powerful, and the fire of the Holy Spirit came into every heart. The presence of God was felt and every student’s walk with the Lord…

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