Powerful Presence of Holy Spirit in Russian SOC

The School of Christ International continues to train pastors and workers in Russia. We currently have thirty students being taught. We have experienced the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit from the first lesson, and there have been lots of tears and repentance. We are praying for revival and I feel in my spirit that it is coming soon, and we will see many come into the Kingdom of God. With the current events happening in our nation, there is a need for a genuine relationship with God more and more. I am encouraged and strengthened because of the move of God we have felt.

Thank you, SOC staff and supporters, for supplying us with the needed material to train workers to carry the Gospel to hungry people here in Russia. We will continue to work and teach until the Lord comes. In February, former SOC graduates and workers will come together for fasting and prayer. Our prayer is that God bless the ministry of the School of Christ and thank you for your continued support.

SOC in Russia