Annual Russian SOC Youth Camp

Yakov Demianchuk, Director of the School of Christ in Russia reports that the Annual School of Christ Youth Camp has just finished in Karelia, Russia. Sixty youth attended the one-week camp this year.  The messages for this camp were the “Repentance Series” of the School of Christ.

Studies have shown that there is a lasting impact of attending Christian Summer Camps. One source says, “Campers at these camps are immersed in a faith-forming environment that includes songs, games, and activities. They do not just study God or take in information about God, as they might when listening to a sermon in church. Young people are participating more deeply in their faith months after camp is over, and this continues to affect many of them for years.

These youth are the future Church of Russia and only eternity will tell what God did at this  SOC Youth Camp in the lives of these young people.