Bay Correctional Facility Faith Based Graduation by Dorothy Hilton

On Friday, March 15, 2013, CCA/BCF held Graduation for the School of Christ honoring thirty-two graduates who finished the School of Christ classes in the past six months. This Graduation was Family Night and several of the  graduates had family members attend the celebration and share the dinner.

Faith Based Volunteers at the SOC Graduation.

The Visitation Park was arranged for family visitation with placemats prepared for all graduates and guests. The Chapel Choir sang a few special songs and the graduates recited Psalm 91.  Brad Richards was the guest speaker and spoke on our need to know that “Christ is Everything,” which is the focus of the School of Christ  and the messages of Brother Clendennen.  At the end of the service each graduate was presented with a certificate of graduation. All of our Faith Based Volunteers were present to share in this special time of honoring our graduates. The Culinary Arts Class, under   direction of instructor Chef Clark, prepared a wonderful meal and our graduation cake.

Graduation cake prepared by the Culinary Arts Class.

We are all so thankful to the School of Christ for making this course available. These men will never be the same for having attended the School of Christ and most will go on to live productive, Christ honoring lives.

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