Bolivia Report by Brian Larsen

In May, 2013, we graduated a School of Christ in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Out of this school we are going to run seven  new  schools in different regions of the city (Quillacollo, Vinto, Tarata, the south, and villages beyond these provinces, and two prisons).  A flame has been kindled and it will begin a fire that will spread everywhere. Other students will be teaching the School of Christ in their churches, home services, and universities.

A pastor that went through this school went home and preached from his personal notes of the school. He said, “When the message was over and I gave the altar call, all the church came to the front and was on their knees asking forgiveness. It’s been years since something like that has happened.”  A brother in his sixties, a teacher in the university, had just finished building a building, and furnished it with forty chairs. He did not know what he was going to use it for. After attending the school he knew why he had built it. He said, “God was   keeping that room for the School of Christ. It is never to late to serve the Lord.”

After preaching the graduation service I had a chance to meet personally with the students that are going to open up new schools.  They will provide the facilities for the classes to be held in their area.  These pastors are on fire and excited about the School of Christ coming to their churches.

Graduating class of Cochabamba, Bolivia.




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