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Praise Jesus! We witnessed the Glory of God in suburbs of Siem Reap, Cambodia. In one of the services that the Russian missionaries were speaking in, a man from one of the neighboring houses came to see what was going on. He came forward at the end of the service for salvation. When he returned home to his region he started to witness about Jesus. As the results of his preaching, people became interested in knowing more about Jesus. He asked us to came and preach the Gospel in this Buddhist region to these hungry people. Without any advertisement, about 300 people came to listen the Word of God. Through this man witnessing, God touched the heart of a principal of a local school and head of local government administration. They helped to organize the meeting and they were present at every service. After I preached and made a call for those who wanted to receive Jesus as their Savior, about 70% of people came forward. We also prayed for sick people in attendance. We didn’t have lights but that did not stop the meeting; we used the video projector to solve that problem. God moved in that meeting and we left encouraged. Praise to the Lord! Thank you for prayers and support. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

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