China Report by Andrey Sekhin

We had a wonderful time in the School of Christ for South West China. Seventy-five students attended the School of which fifty were pastors and missionaries, and the other twenty-five were new leaders. They came from three different nations: China, Myanmar, and Lisu. For security reasons we held the School in a tiny village where most of the inhabitants were Christians. We had to travel on a small mountain stone road, and we could only travel ten miles an hour. Many of the students traveled a long way and some walked for four days to reach the village where the School was to be held.

School of Christ graduates of the Southwest China School

There was tension in the air the first three days of the School. The students hadn’t expected the teaching to be so deep, to separate soul and spirit. However, on the third day, there was a great move of the Holy Spirit. People went to the altar for repentance. You could hear people praying until late that night in different parts of the village. They began to minister to the people in the village. There was one demon possessed young man in that village that was twenty-one years old. He would attack people without any reason and was very dangerous. Villagers had put him in a wooden box and nailed it so he could not come out. He had lived that way for four month prior to the School. In the middle of the School, filled with the Holy Spirit, students prayed for him and he was delivered. He was set free and began to attend the classes daily.

We witnessed another miracle of a woman who had been bleeding internally for four years after delivering a baby. She died and a villager came running into the class and asked us to pray. She was dead for two minutes when we began to pray and she was raised up. We went to her home and she began to confess her sins and the Lord, by His great mercy, healed her.

On the third day there was a great move of the Holy Spirit and people came to the altar for repentance.

At the end of the School, the students all filled with the Holy Spirit, returned to their churches and continued to minister with new power. Senior pastors were very grateful for the School of Christ. They never expected missionaries to come to such a remote place with the powerful teaching of School of Christ that brings life to their churches. A senior pastor, who is a leader for a Christian association with three hundred and seventy churches, invited us to hold a School of Christ for their pastors.

Truly we can see how God is working in this place. It is His glory that brings life to Southwest China.

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