December Mission Message – Robert Turnage – President

We were blessed to have former School of Christ students Andrey and his wife Lyudmyla Syrisko, and Stepan Volenk come to the Beaumont office of the School of Christ to meet with Pastor/President Robert Turnage regarding the work of SOC in the Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Andrey and his wife now live in Seattle, Washington, and work with an outreach ministry. They are in the process of moving to Florida to run a School using the School of Christ material to train Russian speaking students who are called to missions.

Stepan Volenk lives in the Ukraine and is the field-worker for the School of Christ. He has been a diligent and faithful worker for the SOC for many years. He came to Washington State to broadcast the School of Christ on a large Russian radio station that covers America, Europe, and Russia.

Pastor Turnage asked them to minister in both the AM and PM services of Victory Temple on October 22, 2017. The church was uplifted by their testimonies. Time is short and we must work while it is still day. Pray for all the workers of the School of Christ.



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