Ethiopian Ministers Fast, Pray, & Prepare for the Work of God

   Richard Goebel – SOC Director

In March I traveled to Ethiopia to spend time with the pastors and leaders of the School of Christ. We had a tremendous week of fellowship, preaching, and planning. It was my goal to make plans to push forward in the country of Ethiopia.* I believe very strongly that it is time that we make even greater headway in the work of planting churches in the whole Horn of Africa. It is our goal to plant churches in Somalia, Northern Sudan, Southern Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Northern Kenya in the next year. We have great leaders and workers that will help us run Schools in these very hard-to-reach areas. From these Schools we are believing God to raise up men with a call and a vision to plant churches in these unreached areas.

In the previous years of labor, we have graduated more than 1,100 students from the School of Christ in Ethiopia. We have also graduated students in Somalia, Sudan, and Djibouti as well. Brother Clendennen said many times that the School of Christ was designed in such a way that, “if men are not called to preach the Gospel, they will go home!” We will seek God to give us ministers and workers who He is calling to plant churches in these countries.*

To this end, in July, the leaders of the School of Christ in Ethiopia and I will begin to take one day a week for a 24 hour fast. We will do this in order to prepare our hearts so that we can truly be “in one accord in one place.” Our sole purpose will be to prepare ourselves for a time of sanctification and consecration of our lives to God.* This will all be in preparation so that in October we will take 5 days to gather ourselves into the house of God, shut ourselves in the church, and present ourselves before the Lord in a Solemn Assembly according to Joel 1:14. We will present ourselves to God specifically for His Will to be done in the planting of churches in these countries.

These extreme and unreached areas do not need preaching of men’s wisdom. They do not need doctrines of denominations. They do not need religious arguments. These people, many who have never heard the True Gospel, sit in darkness and they need to see the Great Light. We, His ministers, need the fire of the Holy Ghost and the Power of The Living God so that we may be such a light. We need a true invasion of God’s Fire and His Holiness.

When I spoke to the pastors about these things, one after the other commented that this was in complete agreement with what God had been placing on their hearts. Several stated that they knew this was God’s purpose because I was speaking things which confirmed what God had already been speaking to them about.

Please pray for us that this Solemn Assembly will be an “UPPER ROOM” experience for the Horn of Africa.

Richard Goebel – SOC Director

SOC Director Richard Goebel (center) with Ethiopian workers.

The following e-mail from Pastor Samuel, one of our SOC workers, was received by our Director and forwarded to Robert Turnage – President of SOC,  regarding the work in Ethiopia. As you read this e-mail you will see the great need and their commitment to the work of God and the School of Christ.

My Dear Brother, greetings in Jesus Name!

I am thanking God very much for your last visit. You were sent by God at the right time. His sending you showed how much love He has for His precious Church, and He is at work even at a time as this.

The message you preached in our church brought great impact into the life of the church. You spoke the Word of Truth with great zeal and passion of the Holy Spirit. It was not easy for me to interpret because there was so great awe of God’s presence in the church. Your being in friendship with us was an awesome experience.

I went to Djibouti and visited a refugee camp 120 miles away where we planted a church and gave them the School of Christ. So many thousands are staying there—Somalians and Eritreans. I had a great time. One Somalia lady in Djibouti, 50+ years old, was healed and I lead her in a prayer of repentance. I also baptized two people in the Red Sea there. After a week I came home. The next Tuesday I went to Northern Sudan. God is so great! I preached every day for 6 days. I graduated the students.

Our missionaries have handed over the work to a young man and I am going to send them to Egypt to plant churches and SOC. The School of Christ has done a great work in Northern Sudan and they are asking me to please give them 4 more Schools. One young man, a graduate of SOC, has planted a church there and the Lord is doing a great work.

I will go to a Southern Sudan refugee camp very soon. These trips are only possible with money you gave me when you were here. My brother, please let us do a School of Christ in Djibouti. I have already registered 20 men ministers. Let us do a School in Northern Sudan. About the Southern Sudan, I will inform you when I return.
We love you, Pastor Samuel

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