First SOC Begins in United Arab Emirates

 Field Director – Fernando Reyes

My only thought was the opening of the 1st School of Christ class in Dubai, UAE, but the Lord had a better plan. After only four days into the Dubai School, ministers contacted me requesting that the SOC be run in the states of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. All three locations are now set up and training men and women of the United Arab Emirates.

Indeed, the Lord is doing great and mighty things through the School of Christ International in the lives of our 59 students. All of them are excited about what they have learned through the lessons in the SOC, and they are very eager to share the teachings with others. As a result, there are already those who are waiting for the next class to begin.

Ministering the Word of God in an Arab community may not be easy, but the Lord allowed us to go there through the Filipino communities, and through them, to other nationalities in the United Arab Emirates.
The best plan is God’s plan. If we live under the anointing and the leadership of the Holy Spirit, God will take care of everything.

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