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Herford, Germany, located in the lowlands between the hill chains of the Wiehen Hills and the Teutoburg Forest, was the site of the first week of the Russian School of Christ International School. Because of the economic situation in Germany, it is impossible to run a three week School. We will run three one week Schools instead.

Every day of the School of Christ, held in a Russian speaking church, forty to fifty people were in attendance. At the end of the second day of classes there came a great Spiritual breakthrough. We witnessed a mighty move of the Holy Spirit.

Many of the SOC students expressed their eagerness to attend the rest of the School of Christ classes. We are now scheduling the dates for the other two weeks of classes. 

There are between two and a half to three million Russian speaking people in Germany, and Brother Stepan and Brother Roman, from the Ukraine, are dedicated to bringing them the teachings of the School of Christ.

SOC Director, Keith Malscomson, has been working with the German people since 2012. He has overseen the translation of the written SOC material into the German language, and is in the process of completing the SOC video translation.  Pray for the work and workers in Germany.

 SOC Field-Workers

Pictures from the Russian School of Christ International School

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