God’s Time for Bangladesh in NOW

 David Jacobson – SOC Director

When the School of Christ material was translated into the Bengali language in 2005, we started working in different areas of Bangladesh. However, a continuous work had never been established. God laid a burden on my heart for the people and country of Bangladesh. I was very excited when the door opened up for us to take the SOC there again. Approximately 88% of Bangladesh is Islamic. In 1988, Islam became the state religion, and the persecutions against Christians that have converted from Islam have greatly increased. Pressure from Islamic fundamentalists has caused the Government to place certain restrictions against the Christians according to an article on “Christian Persecution.” As we began to prepare for the upcoming School, things in the country got worse. The attacks on Christians began to increase, and Muslims began trying to change the government. Pastor K.L. contacted me and asked if we would move our date for the SOC up so that the workers could be trained before any new regulations from the government were put in place. Timing is everything, and his was definitely the Lord’s set time for Bangladesh. As we started the School, excitement among the students grew as they testified of how the School of Christ was affecting their lives. Pastor Abdul said, “Thank you for bringing the School to our country. You have made a great change in the hearts of the believers of Bangladesh, and taught us to pray continuously. I learned many things from the

Bible and the School, and I was personally blessed.” During one of the School services, we prayed for those who needed healing in their bodies. God heard our prayers and many were healed. A pastor’s wife that attended the School suffered everyday with crippling arthritis—she was healed instantly. An evangelist from a dangerous region in the south of Bangladesh suffered from pain all over his body, God instantly healed him. A student suffering from severe back pain was totally healed. Praise God for His healing power! God has given us a wonderful team to work with in Bangladesh. One of our workers, a former SOC graduate and pastor, was a terrorist before he was saved. Now he is a major leader of our Bangladesh School of Christ team, spreading the word about the School throughout Bangladesh. Calls and request to attend the School next year have already started to come in. Pray for Bangladesh and the School of Christ work as we labor for Him in these last days.


David Jacobson – Director

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