Honduras Report by Paul Newby

The School of Christ in Tela, Honduras, was a remarkable School. It was deep in the heart of African Palm trees just north of Tela.  We drove for hours into, seemingly, the middle of nowhere, but it became crystal clear that God knew where we were!  He was precious in our midst. We are extremely thankful for Brother Rojer and the fifteen graduates. We know that they will spread this glorious Gospel throughout the   jungles and coastal regions of Honduras.

Just as the “rainy season” begins to set in here in the tropics, the Holy Ghost sends the “latter rain” in La Bomba, Honduras. Pastor Jose Martinez initiated the School of Christ, and ten local pastors from the area attended.  On the first day of the School, all of the pastors (students) began to weep and cry out for God’s presence in their lives.  It was amazing to see the Holy Ghost move in each of their lives.

We praise the Lord for the move of God we are experiencing through the work of the School of Christ in Honduras.

Graduates of the Tela, Honduras School of Christ

From the very first day of the School of Christ the students began to weep and cry before the Lord

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