Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Native SOC Team Being Formed

Praise the Lord for what He is doing in this region of the world through the School of Christ. Our missionary workers, known only as the “Ukraine Brothers,” report a growing demand for the SOC teaching. They have just graduated a School in Kyrgyzstan with forty-one ministers in attendance. Sixteen ministers were from Uzbekistan and twenty-five were from Kyrgyzstan.  The Brothers report that they are now forming a native team of workers made up of pastors and bishops who support the School of Christ and its teachings The “Ukraine Brothers” will train and oversee the work.  The work is growing and God is supplying the workers through SOC graduates called of God to be missionaries to their own people.

The door has just opened up for us to work in the southern part of Kyrgyzstan where we have never worked before.  We will run our first SOC in the area later this year and fifty pastors have registered to attend. After the School a group of graduates will make a missionary trip to the Pair Mountain area which is located on the Chinese and Afghani border. They will minister to the unreached people of Tajikistan. The work of the School of Christ is now reaching into the south of Kazakhstan. These men of God, the “Ukraine Brothers,” have given themselves to taking the Gospel into areas that are closed to most of the outside world. They are helping to reap the end-time harvest while it is still day.

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