Mission Message – Robert Turnage – President

 Robert Turnage – SOC President

(This article was published in the June, 2017 School of Christ Mission Report) 

The world is in darkness and there is a gross darkness over the people (Isaiah 60:2). When Jesus was speaking of certain developments in the end-time, He would follow up with words such as, “but the end is not yet.” No one knows what lies ahead that the world or what the church must contend with. One thing is certain and that is, somewhere in time, God will remove His children from this earth. Then He will deal with the evil men and women who remain.

One separating difference between these peoples is Light and darkness. Jesus is the Light of the world and His children are not in darkness. Those without Christ are in total darkness, and without a miraculous change, the darkness will damn their souls forever.

The founder of the School of Christ International, Pastor B. H. Clendennen, totally gave himself to the work of sharing the message of the source of this Light with every person. Unbelievable numbers of people have never heard the Name of Jesus Christ, His love for them, or what He has prepared for them.

We who continue this great ministry, following the death of this great man, continue to carry on this missions work with the same zeal, vision, and burden of Pastor Clendennen.

We need you to join us in taking the Gospel to the uttermost reaches of this world while it is day for the night is coming when no man will be able to work. God bless you for your vision and labor of love. Your remembrance to give for the souls that Jesus died for, has been the life and breath and means for the continuance of this Work of God.


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