Nicaraguan Prison Update

Thanks be to God that the School of Christ continues to advance in the Nicaraguan prisons. Two years ago when the door opened up for us to teach the School of Christ in the National Penitentiary System, our first duty was to train and equip chaplains and ministers.

Pastor Gustavo Miranda, SOC field-worker and head of the prison ministry, said, “We had been living very comfortable in our way of witnessing the Gospel, but after going through the School of Christ training, our lives are forever changed. We have been challenged to seek the Lord with more intensity and with fasting and prayer. The inmates are now receiving the Gospel of Jesus Christ with power and authority.”

Another SOC worker, Pastor Wilber Martinez, testified that the prison authorities have sought him out asking him to continue preaching to the prisoners inside the pavilions, because they believe that the School of Christ is the answer needed to change the lives of the inmates.

In March, we celebrated our third graduation of the School of Christ in the prison. The director of prisons authorized the 80 SOC students to attend the graduation. This made big news! The media was invited into the prison to see what the School of Christ was doing. God allowed the SOC workers to speak to the entire nation through the national media and tell them that Jesus Christ was the reason for such a change in the prisoners’ lives. We are now receiving requests to go into other prisons. To God be the Glory!

The vision of Pastor Clendennen, “Pentecost is a message of hope that brings liberation and life to the elect,” is now our vision. We will continue to work for Christ until His return.


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