Praying for God to Send Revival to Hungary

Lee Shipp – SOC Director

Tamas  D’Nagy & Wife – SOC Field-Worker – Budapest-Paks, Hungary

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Intercessors, and Supporters:

The School of Christ courses are still being taught here in Hungary. We have just graduated five students from four different churches. Our prayer is that more churches will embrace the School and more people will be involved. I continue to meet pastors and church workers to encourage them, and we pray together for God’s will to be done in our country.


The School of Christ Hungary and the Network of Hungarian Pentecostal churches worked together over the last twelve months and held two conferences with SOC students, pastors, and church ministers in attendance. We have over one hundred and ten participants in both events. These three day conferences were made up of forty percent prayer time. We prayed more than ten hours during this conference. That is what we needed; to get back into His Holy Fire. Our theme was to lift up Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. The Lord moved mightily, we saw healings, people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, yokes broken, joy, and worship. It was a living Pentecost! We were so blessed by Pastor Lee Shipp, a SOC Director, for coming to be one of our speakers at these conferences.

I continue to work with the pastors and churches in Balkans, Serbia, and Bosnia. The School of Christ was introduced in Bosnia through our ministry here in Hungry. The spiritual condition of the church in Bosnia is very, very difficult. The country is made up of three ethnic groups and three religions. There is a lot of hatred and pain among the people. The churches are very small and struggling, and the pastors need prayer and encouragement.

We thank you for the School of Christ ministry, and for all you do for us. It is so good to know and feel that you are standing behind us and protect our spiritual backs! May the Lord bless you and keep you in His love!

Pastor Tamas D’Nagy
Director SOC-HU
Budapest-Paks, Hungary

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