Cure for Unbelief, The


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God’s plan is for you to be changed into the image of His Son Jesus. This plan works through the process of Sanctification. Plant the seed of God’s Word into your heart and all of the possibilities of that Holy seed become a reality in you; Christ in you.

The true challenge has always been that of unbelief, it is the nature of the old man. However, he that comes to God must believe that He is (Hebrews 11:6). These two worlds are the Soul and the Spirit, they can never be united, rather are in a constant war to rule within.

Fasting is the weapon that defeats the soulish man because it crucifies flesh and lifts up the spirit. Carnality is what cripples the Church. “Men ought always to fast” says the apostle Paul. It sharpens the spirit. When your spirit becomes dull, it’s time to fast.

1. The Cure for Unbelief – Part I
2. The Cure for Unbelief – Part II

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