Invincible Men


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Men who are filled with the spirit, who fear God alone. These men are invincible to a world that cannot stand before them as they move and speak for God. A man’s thoughts, his attitude, become the core of what he is. When the attitude is wrong, God send someone who will “rubs us the wrong way,” revealing to us what God is displeased with.

A man who loses sight of God can only see self and it takes very little to derail this man into self pity. Self pity is the opposite of Christ exaltation. When Christ is exalted, adversity can be endured with joy.

The battle of the mind always brings us into a valley of decision. Will we live for Christ or for the Anti-Christ (self). Entertainment, sports, social affairs, media, TV, all become an enemy in the mind of our own battle of Armageddon, the ultimate battle between good and evil.

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