Self and Sin


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Preached from Galatians 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ”. There must be a death to “self” before the world can see Christ in us. This is not a life of religious works but of a surrendered unto the Will and Word of God.

Pastor Clendennen deals with four issues in crucifying self, 1. It won’t kick against Justice; 2. It won’t stand up for it’s own rights; 3. Will not manifest any self important thing; and 4. It does not become elated when praised, nor dishearted when blamed.

God will deal with everything in our lives that’s not Christ; trouble comes to us as a means of revealing “self” to us. Self-love has it’s place, but unchecked turns to selfishness, and this form of self must be crucified.

There is only one remedy to “self”, it is the altar. I must be crucified with Christ.

Pastor Clendennen’s message, “Self and Sin” was first preached on July, 1989.

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