Series 11 – Discipleship



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To be born again, is to be delivered from the powers of darkness. The Holy Spirit put us into Christ. We had nothing to do with that except to repent and believe. Yet, we have everything to do with staying in Christ. Every promise that follows depends totally upon your abiding in Christ. John 15:7 tells the wonderful reward of our abiding. All of our problems begin when we allow the carnal nature to be resurrected. We revert back to type.

If we teach the new creation to abide in Christ, and how to abide, we will not turn back to the world, the flesh, and the devil. Just as all is light in Christ, all is dark outside of Christ. Satan can only steal, kill and destroy that part of you that is outside of Christ. Satan cannot touch that which is Christ. So our worst enemy is not the devil, but the carnal nature which is an enemy of God. Satan must also have a body to express himself. Just as the true Church is the body of Christ, the carnal nature is the body of Satan.

Sin is not a problem with sinners. They could stop sinning and still go to hell. Sin is a problem with the saints. To call the flesh the devil, is to give man an excuse to sin. To walk in the Spirit is to walk in obedience. Rebellion is the issue. If we do not obey, He is not our Lord. The power is in the choice. Christians alone have a free will. The cross deals with the flesh. God commands us to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Jesus.

Lessons 1-5:

  1. Born Delivered
  2. A Courageous Disciple, Part 1
  3. A Courageous Disciple, Part 2
  4. A Disciple, Part 1
  5. A Disciple, Part 2