Series #12 The Church Correspondence Course


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Series #12 “The Church” Teacher Packet includes,

  • DVD set
  • Manuscript
  • Workbook
  • Test

Teacher Packet price $ 35.00

NOTE: There is no additional information taught on the DVDs that cannot be found in the course manuscript.

Series #12 “The Church” Student Packet includes,

  • Manuscript
  • Workbook
  • Test

Student Packet price $10.00

Lessons 1-12:
1. God’s Plan for the Church
2. A Vessel for God
3. By My Spirit
4. A New Cruse
5. Instrument of the Eternal Purpose
6. Assurance to God’s Rest and Satisfaction
7. Ministering Life and Deliverance to the Elect
8. Tragedy of Departing from the Heavenly
9. The Church is a Prophet
10. Enforcing the Rule of God
11. The Light in the Church
12. Church Home Relationship

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