Series #16 The Holy Spirit DVD


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Optional Series #16 Course DVD – “The Holy Spirit”

The optional course DVD is of Pastor Clendennen (SOC founder), teaching the individual lessons listed below.

NOTE: There is no additional information taught on the DVDs that cannot be found in the course manuscript.

If you choose to purchase the optional Series #16 DVD, it will be mailed to you separately through the regular postal service.

Lessons 1-20:
1. The Holy Spirit, Part 1
2. The Holy Spirit, Part 2
3. The First Church and the Holy Spirit
4. The Function and Desire of the Holy Spirit
5. Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
6. The Mind of God
7. The Gospel, a Ministration of the Spirit
8. The Laws of Power
9. Spirit of Promise
10. Spirit of Power
11. Inheritance of the Spirit Filled
12. Pentecostal Life
13. When the Wind Blows, Part 1
14. When the Wind Blows, Part 2
15. Rivers of Living Water
16. River and the Throne
17. River and the Altar
18. The Spirit is Mandatory
19. Led by the Spirit
20. Other Half of Pentecost

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