Series 07 – Faith



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Unlike most of what is being taught today, this series sets forth a Bible based definition and teaching on the subject. We will learn faith’s function. We learn that without faith it is impossible to please God. On no ground, other than faith, is it possible to please God.

On no ground, other than faith, will God work for you. Faith is not a mystical feeling. It is not something that you see. We have been led to believe that the men of God in the Bible were a different type of people than we are. Real faith demands that the believer “pray through” regularly.

Faith is in every heart of every believer, but many times we become so dominated by the old, faithless, dead nature that our faith becomes dormant. When that happens, fear overrides faith, and the only way to break out is to “pray through” to the knowledge that “God is, and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” His presence conquers fear. Once God has spoken, it is time to leave the prayer meeting and begin to do. To pray again is unbelief.

The difference between faith and unbelief is not a matter of coming to a place where you are not apprehensive. You will never get there. Faith goes on in spite of fear, doubts, etc. “God has not given us the spirit of fear…” but the devil’s fear will still come against your faith. The victory depends on which you follow. It takes not faith to baptize or give communion. It takes faith to change a man’s life. The most important action of a Christian is obedience.

Lessons 1-7:

        1. Faith, the Gift of God
        2. Function of Faith
        3. The Obedience of Faith
        4. What is Faith?
        5. Mind of Christ and the Works of Faith
        6. Adventure of Faith
        7. Aggressive Faith