Things We Must Recover


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Preached from II Corinthians 10:3-4 dealing with the weapons of our warfare. Pastor Clendennen said we must never forget that our warfare is spiritual therefore our weapons must also be spiritual. Men battle helplessly in the flesh warring against carnal circumstances only to be continually defeated by their spiritual adversary.

The prophet Zechariah said it’s “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit…” However, It is one thing to know these weapons, but altogether another thing to use them. This is where the child of God must come, to a working knowledge of the spiritual battle. God has given us power over all the power of the enemy, but it is up to us to walk in it.

Pastor Clendennen said we must attack Satan and his forces at his strongest point and push back the darkness. We must not only engage and defeat the enemy but totally destroy and dismantle every stronghold. This message will greatly help and encourage you in the battle.

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