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The School of Christ International is a great blessing from the Lord to us here in the Philippines. It is a ministry where sound doctrine is preached. We are living in a confused world where men do not know what is right or wrong, and preachers are preaching a false gospel. But, the lessons taught in the School of Christ not only exposes the wrong, but also establishes and confirms what is right. SOC separates the true from the false. I thank the Lord that there is a ministry like the School of Christ International that safeguards without any compromise, proclaims without any reservation, and continues to spread without any fear of persecution, the pure Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I thank the Lord for the life of Pastor Clendennen. I only met him once, during the first week of January, 2001, when he came to the Philippines. I will never forget the day when I was introduced to him. He hugged me and said, “Be faithful unto the Lord, my son!” His voice still rings in my ears. I never saw him again after the Conference in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. I was a graduate of the first SOC and working as the Secretary/Treasurer of the first School here in the Philippines. Pastor Clendennen was with Dr. David Tolbert, who introduced us to the School of Christ International, and Attorney Dale Martin, the superintendent of SOC here in the Philippines. A few months after Pastor Clendennen visited us, there were already four schools running simultaneously under the supervision of Brother Dale Martin: One School located in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan, the second School located in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, the third School in Angeles City, Pampanga, and the fourth School in Baguio City.

September 11, 2001, when the tragedy happened at the World Trade Center in New York City, Brother Dale and his wife Leslie were ordered by the U.S. Embassy to return to the U.S.A., leaving the ministry of SOC here in the Philippines in my care. I could never forget the last words of Brother Dale when he left. He said to me, “Do not ever change my mind for the Philippines.”

Without anyone on my side, I needed the guidance of the Lord more than ever before. As I fasted and prayed, the promise of the Lord became real to me. He will never leave us, and He will always be with us. For seventeen years the Lord has proven to be always on our side.

Last December 1, 2017, we graduated the 96th class of SOC for the pastors and church leaders in Flora, Apayao, Philippines. It was a class supported by Dr. David Tolbert, and located in the northern-most part of the Philippines. From the first week of classes until graduation, the Holy Spirit worked in every member of the class, by convicting, strengthening, restoring, and preparing them for the specific tasks God has prepared for them to do. I praise the Lord for His leadership, His mighty presence, provision, and visitation during this School.

I continue to thank the Lord for all the people He is using in this great ministry of the School of Christ International. I may not be able to meet them all personally, but one thing is certain, I am meeting them all in the altar of prayer every day.

Another class is scheduled to be conducted in the same venue on January 14, 2018, to February 09, 2018. This will be the 97th class of SOC in the Philippines.

Your co-worker in His vineyard,  Fernando B. Reyes SOC–Philippines


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