SOC in Andes Mountains Strong and Growing by Richard Goebel

In October, 2016, Field-Worker Delvis Mercado and I held another School of Christ in La Paz, Bolivia, which is located at the top of the Andes Mountains. We had a very attentive and disciplined class consisting mostly of pastors who came from several different denominations. We are always grateful when we can have brethren from different denominational backgrounds come together and sit under the teaching of the SOC. During the days of teaching and prayer, walls of religious traditions were broken down, and a lot of repenting for having departed from the Word of God.

I am so thankful that God allowed me to be present at the School in La Paz, and to witness the move of God that took place in the lives of these pastors and workers. The work of the SOC is becoming stronger in this area of Bolivia, and it is my prayer that we will begin to truly see a revival among the people.


On the last night in La Paz, I met with a group of University students who I had met last year at the School of Christ. They have been meeting just to pray and seek the face of God. They began these meetings after some of them had gone through the School of Christ. They are praying to become a vessel of God in their country. What a joy to see them praying and worshiping in Truth and the Spirit of Holiness. I encouraged them to go on with God, and I hope to spend time with this group of young people on my next trip.

While I was there I was asked if I would be willing to travel to the remote areas and meet with churches that are made up of indigenous people. Praising the Lord for another open door I humbly said, “YES.” As we drove, the pastors explained that almost no one is willing to travel to these remote indigenous areas to preach the Gospel. One pastor said, “They are too poor, and few have a desire to come this far, except a few who want to take pictures that they then use to raise money!” How sad! At the first church we visited, the pastor and his wife greeted us with much love and excitement. After visiting with them for a while, it was clear that we needed to come and run a School of Christ for pastors in these remote areas. The Pastor said he would like to host it in his church.

In the second church we visited, the presence of God was very strong. When I finished preaching, there was almost no one left in their seats; they all were at the altar praying and reaching out to God. At the end of prayer, the pastor, with tears running down his face, said to me, “God has spoken to this church today, and we will not be the same.” This pastor is going to work with us, helping to set up the SOC in the indigenous areas.


Also on this trip, Field-Worker Delvis Mercado ministered and introduced the School of Christ in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The last night of the meeting 80 souls came forward to rededicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and asking God to sanctify them for His service. It was a powerful time in the Lord.

I am very encouraged about what God is doing in Bolivia. I believe we are seeing the beginning of a strong and true work of God being born in this land. We continue to see God open the doors for the School of Christ. Please pray for us that God’s Word might have free course.

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