SOC Moving Forward in Germany

 Keith Malcomson – SOC Director

SOC Moving Forward in Germany

Our annual one-week School of Christ in Marienberg, Germany, was held the first week of June. The attending students were made up of local church leadership, street evangelists, new church planters, and ministers that are preparing for the ministry.

We preached several times a day for five days with the help of two translators. This year we covered the series, “Revival” and “Paths to Power.” The opening day was a powerful time of being soaked in undiluted Truth with powerful lessons like the “Tragic Mixture” and the “Trojan Horse.”

One missionary brother, was delayed in arriving at the School due to sickness. On Monday, while at home, as he read the Word of God, he came to Exodus 28:38, “…that Aaron may bear the iniquity of the holy things…” He was puzzled by this scripture and asked the Lord to show him the meaning. He was also praying that the Lord would speak to him during the School. When he and his wife reached the School, the scripture reference for the first lesson that was being taught was Exodus 28:38. God answered all his questions.

The series “Revival” ended with two vital messages on Sanctified by Faith. This Truth opened the eyes of several ministers attending the School to holiness in a way they had never seen before. Truth sets free and stirs the heart.

On day three, a powerful, Holy Ghost conviction fell upon everyone, calling us back into a deeper life of consecration, determination, and prevailing prayer in our personal lives and churches. Hearts were deeply convicted, challenged, and stirred over the issue of prayer. These five days were very important for all of us who attended, and extremely refreshing for Candace and myself.

My wife Candace, before the School started, for a long time was waking up daily with pain in her arm. On top of this, she injured her back just before the starting of School. By the end of the first day, she was in great pain and was hardly able to walk up the stairs or even lift her feet to get in bed. She was unsure how she could continue doing the catering for the students. On the Tuesday night after preaching Invincible Men, an altar call for those needing healing in their bodies, or needing to be filled or refilled with the Holy Ghost. Several responded for healing. As we gathered around them, praying in the Holy Ghost, Candace was instantly healed. It was so complete and instantaneous that she could hardly believe it. Christ is still the Healer. It is now several weeks later and there is still no pain.

One meeting with the Lord can change everything. One brother who graduated the full-time School in Germany, said that the three things that most impacted him was the Holiness of God, the Holiness of prayer, and the Holiness of God’s Word.

There is an increasing desire to see the School of Christ run a full-time School annually in Germany, and we are praying and seeking the Lord for direction as we move forward. We need God’s wisdom, guidance, and your prayers. During this School, other doors are opening for us to go into other areas to carry this message to those who need it and have never heard.

We are now in Ireland preparing for our next three-week English School with students from several countries.

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement.

Keith Malcomson – SOC Director

Student attending the Germany SOC.

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