It has been nearly three years since the Lord first laid on our hearts the vision of the SOC Summit. In October of 2022, we hosted our first Summit, and then we held our second one last year. Both times proved to be Divine appointments for everyone who took the time out of their schedules and made the investment to be a part of these glorious days with the Lord. During the SOC Summit, we place great focus on prayer and the Word of God, teaching lessons directly from the curriculum of the School Of Christ.

I am happy to announce and invite you to attend our 3rd Annual SOC Summit!It will be held at 10730 North Major Drive, Beaumont, Texas, from October 24th – 27th, 2024. As with our past Summits, we will offer a taste of the daily activities for anyone who attends a full-time SOC School. We begin our mornings with at least one hour of prayer, followed by breakfast. We then teach lessons from the morning session until noon, when we would break for lunch.

During our classes, we believe in giving the Holy Spirit complete liberty to move and work in our midst. As a result, we have had additional prayer times after lessons that dealt with the class as a whole. After lunch, we return for our afternoon sessions and proceed just as we did in the morning. Our day will end with two more lessons and a final hour of prayer following supper. We follow this schedule on Friday and Saturday, and we will close out our weekend with a morning session of lessons before dismissing everyone at noon on Sunday.

Our entire purpose for the SOC Summit is to offer a place where you can spend time with the Lord in prayer and in the studying of the Word of God. The lessons of the SOC have proven to be an effectual instrument for dealing with and changing the lives of all who are seeking to draw closer to the Lord. I am thrilled and eagerly anticipate your presence at the 3rd Annual SOC Summit this October in Beaumont, Texas!

Brian Larsen President SOC International








Brian W. Larsen - SOC President



Series we will teach for this year’s Summit include:

The Church
Rebuilding the Gates
Lessons from Paths to Power

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