St. Vincent & the Grenadine Islands Report by Rodney Jaggernauth

This was the first School of Christ in St Vincent and the Grenadines Islands which ran from Monday, June 30th through Saturday, July 12th, 2014. We had thirteen students in the class, including the Head Pastor of the CLM Ministries.

The first week was very challenging with all of the students expressing their concerns regarding the three days of fasting, because none of them had ever fasted before. At the end however, all students completed the fast with many powerful testimonies.

In final week, the “wind of the Holy Spirit” really blew. From Tuesday on many of the students did not want to take any breaks in between the lessons. The students experienced many breakthroughs, spiritually and physically, during the prayer time. One women was healed from an incurable illness. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a mighty way. At times students were unable to contain themselves, praying and worshiping with intensity.

Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue the work of the School of Christ.

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