Ukraine Report by Stephan Ran

Stephan Ran, a Field Director for the School of Christ, is in charge of running Schools all over the Ukraine and Russia. The School of Christ in Ternopol, Ukraine, is for students that feel they are called to be missionaries. Fifteen students graduated in November, 2014 and are now full-time missionaries. Remember these students in prayer.

This group of students attended the School of Christ in Kaliningrad, Russia. There were twenty-five students in attendance, and lives were transformed by the teachings of the School of Christ.

The School of Christ in Odessa, Ukraine, was held in February, 2015, with fifty students attending the three-week School. A sister was healed of cancer after the students prayed for her during the School. A wonderful move of God was experienced by all of the students. They left renewed and refilled with the Holy Ghost.

Remember Brother Stephan, a School of Christ graduate, and the work he is doing with the School of Christ, in prayer.

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