Venezuelan SOC Students Continue the Work for God Amid Crisis

 Donal Chance, Sr. – SOC Director

We heard Pastor Clendennen say so many times, “We must train the native pastors because there will come a time when we cannot get in.” That is the situation in Venezuela now.

The impact of Venezuela’s economic collapse on its people is almost impossible to put into words. In the midst of the ongoing crisis, citizens have lost so much that families are simply struggling to feed themselves. Even in these trying times you will see, as you read the letter below from Director Donal Chance, that the work of God cannot be stopped by economic situations. Former School of Christ students are continuing to plant churches and win the lost for Christ. – Robert Turnage – President


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March 17, 2017

An update from the School of Christ in Venezuela and Colombia, South America. The School of Christ is forced to go in a different direction at this time. For some time, we have not been able to have the School of Christ at our headquarters in Valencia or Myra, Venezuela due to the crisis in the country. There is such a shortage of food and people are starving and even having to eat flamingos. They are unable to get the necessities of life, cleaning supplies, paper goods, soap, etc. Please pray for Venezuela.

The students of the School of Christ who have graduated are moving forward in the work of the Lord, using what Pastor Clendennen taught them. They are going back into their villages planting churches. Our Field-worker has reported that 54 churches have been planted in Northern and Southern Venezuela and Southern Columbia. So, Pastor Clendennen lives on, and now through the great leadership of Pastor Robert Turnage, the School of Christ continues on even in dire circumstances.

Due to my many health problems, I have not been able to travel and especially out of the United States, but we are in constant contact with the field-directors in the northern and southern districts by phone and email.

Special thanks to the School of Christ supporters, Pastor Robert, & Brenda Turnage, and lets never forget our great and wonderful Sis Clendennen who has sacrificed so much for this ministry. Also, God bless you for the prayers and continued support of this work.

Yours in Christ,
Bishop Donal Chance, Sr. – SOC Director

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