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⭐June 12th-25th, 2023⭐

⭐The School of Christ is comprised of 159 lessons divided into 19 series.

Lighthouse Pentecostal Church
11206 Arnold Rd, Denham Springs, LA 70726
Hosting Pastor - Jerry Arnold

➡Brian W. Larsen - SOC President
➡Robin St Clair - SOC Vice President

➡2 Per Room (each person) - $1200
➡Husband and Wife (single room) - $1800
➡RV Space or Attending and Do Not Need a Room - $600

‼*$10.00 per meal for anyone wanting to participate in individual days or sessions.


➡To reserve, for questions or needing help, please call SOC OFFICE - 409-504-6601

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Brother Brian Larsen President SOC International

Brother Brian Larsen President SOC International

I want to personally invite you to join me in Denham Springs, LA, beginning Monday, June 12, 2023, where for thirteen wonderful days we will be totally immersed in Prayer and the Word of God.

The theme of the School of Christ (SOC) is "Restoring the Message of Pentecost", and the Message of Pentecost is God the Father through God the Holy Spirit displaying God the Son through a human vessel, a human instrument called the Church! We have been called to become the vehicle of expressing the Life of our Lord Jesus Christ to this world for such a time as this.

The teachings of the SOC which are made up of 159 lessons will lead us through the Word of God removing any doubt as to what is the purpose of God for your life. The time of Prayer and the Word of God will burn God's desire in preparing you to become an active "Soldier" in His Army, the Army of the Lord.

I have seen and can testify personally that this will be a defining moment in your life! You will be inspired, challenged, and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit during this appointed time.

Along with myself, the lessons will be ministered by other School of Christ Staff who have been teaching the SOC material for many years around the world. I encourage you to not miss this life-changing event, a most invaluable investment of time and money. Make your plans to join me!

Brian W Larsen Signature

Brian W. Larsen

SOC President


The School of Christ International, now functioning in many countries of the world, has been one of the most effective tools for world evangelism in the history of missions.

The vision and purpose of the School of Christ is to train men and women to reach the lost and to become the vessel through which revival can come. We have no "SOC" churches. We are called of God to train pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers, sending them back to their home church to fulfill the call of God upon their life for ministry.

Upon completing the School, you the student will return home with more than just a notebook full of notes, you will have become the Truth that you have learned. Throughout the entire School, we will continue steadfast in the Word of God, prayer, and fasting.

You feel that God has called you, so if you commit yourself during this time of being totally immersed in prayer and God's Word, your life will be changed forever!

The Curriculum

The School of Christ is comprised of 159 lessons divided into 19 series. These series cover every doctrine and teaching in the Word of God. Not only is the School of Christ God's answer to those men and women who are called into ministry, but it is also for layman seeking and longing for a deeper understanding of the Truth of God. It is designed to equip men and women with a deeper and better understanding of the Word of God so they can carry the Gospel to the lost.

Series that will be taught:
1. The Conflict
2. The School of Christ
3. Repentance
4. The Cross
5. The Person of Jesus
6. The Almighty Blood
7. Faith
8. Prayer
9. Stewardship
10. Warfare
11. Discipleship
12. The Church
13. Rebuilding the Gate
14. Unity of the Church
15. The Holy Spirit
16. Sanctification
17. Revival
18. Paths to Power
19. Pneumatology


Guests Rooms Feature:
Our smoke-free guest rooms are furnished with all the amenities you need for your home away from home.

Each room features a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, hair dryer and iron for your convenience.

Free WiFi and flat screen TVs.

Then enjoy a good night's rest in a comfortable bed made with premium bedding and cozy pillows.

SOC Hotel Accomodations


Register now—limited space!
• Hotel room (13 days/double occupancy)
• Three meals a day (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
• School of Christ textbook
• Notebook
• Graduation Certificate

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