Ambato, Ecuador Report by Johnny Brown

To God be the Glory for the work that was accomplished during the School of Christ in Ambato, Ecuador. Twenty-one students gathered together from several different regions to seek the Lord, to grow in the knowledge of God, and His Son Jesus Christ.

In preparation for the School, the students gathered together at the facility three days prior to the beginning of the School to fast and pray. Their desire and passion carried over into the School. Every prayer meeting was intense; on the third morning when I woke up at normal time to go over for the 5:00 a.m. prayer meeting, I did not hear anything or anyone else stirring. None of the lights were on, so in my mind I wondered if everyone else was still asleep. When I opened the door to the classroom, all of the students were already gathered together in prayer. Many of them fasted during much of the School, spending their time in prayer. The prayer meetings in the afternoons would often go several hours, as the students would earnestly seek the Lord.

At the beginning of the School, only two of the twenty-one students claimed to have been filled with the Holy Ghost. But halfway through the School of Christ, eleven had received the baptism in the Holy Ghost. One night in particular, while in the prayer meeting, I noticed a difference in the way one of the students was praying. When I asked the interpreter, “What is He saying?,” He looked back at me and said, “I don’t know, He is speaking in tongues.” By the end of the School, sixteen received the Holy Ghost.

The Regional Bishop of the Church of God informed me that the news of what God had done in the lives of the students in this School were being spread all throughout Ecuador. People were calling him to make sure their name would be registered for the next School!

It was truly amazing to see the change in these students’ lives. Thank you for prayers and support for the work of the Lord, through the School of Christ in Ecuador.

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